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Fiction & Essays

Criminal Operations, The Copperfield Review Anthology (Feb. 2022) 

Crossing the Bar, Litbreak Magazine (2021) 

Reading Life, Litbreak Magazine (2021) 

An excerpt from the novel Graft, Dim & Flaring Lamps: A Historical Fiction Anthology (2021) 

An excerpt from the novel Graft, Sundial Magazine (2021) 

Academic Articles & Reviews 

’Holy Church is not able to recognize her’”: The Virtues and Interpretation in Marguerite Porete’s Mirror.” History of Religions (Winter 2013)

“Is Bowling a Sport: Thinking Theoretically about Religion.” Teaching Theology and Religion (2012)

Pan’s Labyrinth.” The Journal of Religion and Film: 12 (April 2008)

Review, Holy Bones, Holy Dust: How Relics Shaped the History of Medieval Europe, by Charles Freeman. Journal of World History (January 2012)

Review, Pain and Suffering in Medieval Theology: Academic Debates at the University of Paris in the Thirteenth Century, by David Mowbray. The Medieval Review  (January 2010)


Tin House novel workshop (2020)

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